Olá, nice to meet you! My name is Milou Verweij, a Dutch graphic designer and illustrator, working from Portugal.

What I love most about illustrating is how it allows me to draw inspiration from everyday life. My greatest inspiration is the stunning Portuguese coastline, the beauty of nature, outdoor living, and the charm of authentic villages. I draw inspiration from the world around me, using actual places and things as starting points, where I infuse them with my own vision. I hope my work will make you smile.

Beyond my creative work, I find fulfillment in the chaos of raising my two young children. I'm also on a quest to master the Portuguese language and I do love outdoor activities such as surfing, jogging and hiking.

Working together?

My professional background in the Netherlands, where I worked in various organizations as a marketer and graphic designer, has equipped me with a unique perspective. I've honed the art of considering both the client's needs and the target audience, making thoughtful choices driven by research and objectives.

I'm just a message away! Get in touch and let's brainstorm how we can work together or whenever you have any questions. 🌟